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Our mission is to provide patients personalized, high-quality private service. We are dedicated to providing the highest possible standard service to patients in the region and beyond.


Accommodation & Transfer Packages

We also offer a package for our international patients which includes hotel accommodation and local transportation between airport-hotel-clinic with our private vehicle. We host our patients in a 5-star, centrally located hotel.

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The liposuction fats are processed and transform into pure fatty tissue. These fats are injected under the skin and deep tissues, equal to both butt halves. During this injection, not to inject to muscle structures in the hip is important in terms of surgical safety. About 40% of fat injected into the butt is absorbed by the body. About 60% remain in the area of injection for a lifetime. For this reason, an amount of excess fat is injected taking into account the amount to be absorbed.

After the injection of fat to the butt, patients should not lie on their back for 3 weeks and they should use special pillows which we call BBL cushion. We ask our patients to use the corsets we put on her after surgery for 6 weeks. In order to get more rounded and smooth hips after the injections made to butt, we recommend that patients massage their hips with body oil for up to 3 weeks.

After this operation which was performed under general anesthesia and takes for about 3 hours, we host our patients for 2 nights in the hospital. We remove the compressure dressings we made 3 days later the operation and we dress new corsets to our patients. Patients can return to normal life in about 10 days. In particular, our patients who are engaged in sports should not perform squat movements and similar hip movements for about 3 weeks. After 3 weeks, our patient can start to return to normal sports activities, and after 6 weeks she can do her exercises without any restriction.

The Brazilian butt lift is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. It makes it possible to achieve a 100% natural increase in the buttocks, but also to obtain a facelift of the buttocks without any additional scars. Combined with a complete liposuction, the body curves are thus completely redesigned in a more harmonious way (S-curve). The advantage is the complete absence of foreign matter.

    100% natural buttocks increase
    No foreign bodies (buttock prosthesis))
    Associated with liposuction
    Rebalance the whole silhouette

What is lipofilling ?

Lipofilling is an advanced surgical technique. It allows the use of the patient’s fat collected by conventional liposuction, in order to reinject it in another location of the body, in order to fill or create volume. So we achieve a real Auto-transplant of fat cells, by reinjecting the patient’s own fat.

Other terms are used to name this technique : lipostructure, liposculpture, lipomodelage, lipofilling, micro liposculpture, micro lipomodelage, fat injection, autologous fat transfer, fatty tissue transplantation, adipose tissue autograft, adipocyte transplantation, fatty tissue transfer… they are all synonyms.

And especially for the buttocks: Brazilian butt lift (BBL), scar-free buttock lift, lipofilling of the buttocks, lipostructure of the buttocks, lipomodelling of the buttocks, increase of the buttocks by injection of fat, increase of the buttocks by transfer of fat, increase of the gluteal by lipofilling…

What’s the use of lipofilling in buttock enhancement ?

Lipostructure was first used in breast reconstruction, then called lipostructure or lipofilling or lipomodelling. With this experience and effectiveness acquired in breast reconstruction, lipofilling has entered the arsenal of treatments of other areas of the body (face, limbs, hands…), including aesthetic indications such as the aesthetic increase of buttocks.

The fat transfer in the buttocks is known to be very effective ; but to do so, it must be performed in a surgical setting by a plastic surgeon who specializes in this technique.

What are the indications for lipofilling buttocks?

They are found in patients wishing :

An increase in the buttocks without a buttock prosthesis
An increase in the buttocks without scars
Lifting buttocks that fall without scars (lifting buttocks without scars))
Flat or flaccid buttocks
A good liposuction in order to completely redesign the silhouette, refining the size at the same time, in order to arrive at a profile of the patient in S.
Lipofilling is indicated by a patient with a good fat reserve, allowing a sufficient amount of fat to be removed for one or two sessions of lipofilling. If the patient is very thin, she is not a good lipo modeler.

The technique of increasing the buttocks by injecting fat has the major advantages of increasing the volume of the buttocks, with a natural and non-artificial final appearance. The look is therefore 100% natural.

The result, once taken, is definitive, the size of the buttocks varying with the weight of the patient as natural buttocks.
When touching, the feel and texture of the buttocks are soft and natural.
It’s a scar-free buttocks augmentation.
Lipofilling is made from the patient’s own fat cells, so she is autologous, completely natural.
No foreign body, thus avoiding the disadvantages linked to implants (change of prosthesis, Periprosthetic shells, scars, rejections…).
Dysharmonic fatty overloads (fat removal sites) are treated at the same time.
The patient’s overall morphology and curves are improved thanks to the breast augmentation associated with liposuction of the fat-overloaded areas. Indeed, associated with this complete liposuction, the body is completely redesigned by refining the size at the same time. The patient has an s-curvature.