Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon
Salih Onur Basat, born in Mersin on June 5th, 1980 and graduated from the “English Medicine” program at Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine in 2005. Salih Onur Basat, who attained his medical specialty in Istanbul University Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, Department of “Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery” in 2011, completed his mandatory state service as a specialist doctor in the Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery at Okmeydanı Training and Research Hospital between 2012 and 2014. Salih Onur Basat worked in the public health sector for a certain period of time, conducting academic studies published and presented in many leading national and international journals and congresses during this period.
Salih Onur Basat
Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon
During his assistantship in 2009, he won the first place in the "Assistant Presentation Contest, Clinical Branch". He contributed to and participated in many national and international congresses. Having been accredited by Turkish Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (TPRECD) and European Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (EBOPRAS), Salih Onur Basat is a highly experienced surgeon, who has reached a great number of cases, including successful procedures of body contouring, breast aesthetics and facial aesthetic operations.
Cerrahpaşa Tıp Fakültesi
İstanbul Tıp Üniversitesi(specialty)
Plastik, Rekonstrüktif ve Estetik Cerrahi Anabilim Dalı (2011)
Okmeydanı Eğitim ve A.H.P
Rekonstrüktif ve Estetik Cerrahi
Cerrahpaşa Tıp Fakültesi
Cerrahpaşa Tıp Fakültesi
In International Refereed Journals
Articles Published
A practical guiding method for vein graft harvesting

Histologic and Biomechanical Evaluation of the Effects of Social Stress and the Antidepressant Fluoxetine on Tendon Healing in Rats

Five-Years Trigger Finger Due to Partial Flexor Tendon Laceration in a Child

Triphalangeal thumb with polydactyly: an alternative surgical method

Flexor Tendon Laceration Due to Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery: An Impossible Complication

The effects of limited adventitiectomy on vascular anastomosis: An experimental study in rats

The Effects of Mucoperichondrial Flap Elevation on Septal L-Strut Cartilage: A Biomechanical and Histologic Analysis in a Rabbit Model

A New Paradigm for Surgical Management of Congenital Triple Lobe Type Cleft

New otoplasty approach: a laterally based postauricular dermal flap as an addition to Mustarde and Furnas to prevent suture extrusion and recurrence

Creating a neoconchal complex using the adjustable conchal sliding technique in prominent ear correction

Assessment of the Relationship Between Clinicophysiologic and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Findings of the Temporomandibular Disorder Patients

Evident Proptosis and Diplopia Due to Massive Orbital Ivory Osteoma

Cyst Formation Following Rhinoplasty and Reconstruction With Diced Conchal Cartilage Wrapped in Mastoid Fascia Following Excision

Digital artery perforator flaps: an easy and reliable choice for fingertip amputation reconstruction

Atraumatic Flexor tendon retrieval- a simple method

Preventing Suture Extrusion and Recurrence in Mustarde and Furnas Otoplasties by Using Laterally Based Postauricular Dermal Flap, Long-Term Results

Reconstruction of intraoral defects with superior labial artery musculo-mucosal flap: a preliminary clinical study

Recurrent Ameloblastoma in the Free Fibula Flap: Review of Literature and an Unusual Case Report

Endoscopy-Assisted Single-Incision Technique to Harvest the Conchal Cartilage and Temporal Fascia Simultaneously by Using Phaco Slit Knife

An Unusual Deadly Craniofacial Trauma Case Due To Hot Liquid Plastic Infusion

Mandibular Reconstruction for a Neglected Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis by Using Free Osteocutaneous Fibula Flap

Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea Due to Massive Cervical Lipohypertrophy

The Use of Dermabrasion to Achieve Natural-Looking Areolas Following Breast Reduction or Mastopexy: A Study of 23 Patients

Is Alice in Wonderland? A new cause for burns due to "Bonzai abuse"

Burns due to air freshener aerosol can explosion: a preventable accident

Sarcoidosis Nodules on the Lateral Nasal Osteotomy Lines

An Easy Spreader Graft Fixation Technique by Using a Modified Speculum in Rhinoplasty

Unusual burn injury in a child caused by a cleaning agent

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