20/08/2020 Recovery Time After Obesity

Post-bariatric surgery, which is of particular interest in plastic surgery, is preferred for common body deformities, loosening and sagging. With this technique, which has become a popular method in body shaping operations, it is ensured that patients who have lost excess weight by getting rid of obesity achieve the body shape they want.


In patients who have reached the appropriate body mass index and metabolic state, problems such as excess skin and sagging after rapid weight loss which are one of the biggest causes of body deformations can be eliminated.


What are the operation areas and how it is applied?


The areas where body deformations are most common after obesity operation; chest, belly area, hips, inner legs, arms, and back. In parallel with post-bariatric surgery, also known as obesity surgery, facelift, arm lift, breast lift up, butt lift and plumping, abdominal, back and waist stretching, leg stretching operations are performed in a certain order. According to the needs of the patient, sagging in the abdomen, waist, and hips are treated together in one or several sessions with post-bariatric applications specially planned for the patient. During the surgical intervention, excess skin tissue is removed and stretching is performed. In addition to these, surgical procedures can be performed on breast, arm, leg, face, and neck regions. Body lifting surgery is also applied after an operation that lasts for 3-4 hours under general anesthesia. Before this method, which acts as a complementary method for shaping the body areas, the patient should find the ideal weight. The duration of this operation takes 4-6 hours depending on the extent of the surgery performed.


Post-operative process and recovery


The healing process is directly proportional to which aesthetic surgical interventions are applied and the general health status of the patient. In cases where fewer procedures and procedures are performed, it is possible to be discharged from the hospital on the same day, while more extensive surgeries may require at least one night to a week of hospitalization. In post-bariatric surgery incisions are mandatory and scars may remain, as the excess skin sagging is removed from the body. However, there are different treatment options that can be applied later to improve them.


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