18/12/2020 The Ultimate in Physical Appearance with Six Pack Aesthetics!

It is everyone's dream to have an athletic and fit body. It can be said that the sixpack abdominal muscles are the final point that many men want to achieve in their external appearance. Diets and even hours spent in gyms are not enough to reach prominent abdominal muscles. This goal is known for its stability and a lot of dedication requirement. Well, is it really so? What would you do if you knew that 2-3 hours of surgery was enough to achieve a wonderful change in the new year and achieve the look of your dreams?


Getting Sixpack Is Not As Difficult As It Seems

The abdominal muscles, which are located in the abdominal region and are one of the most important elements of sex appeal in men, are the dream of every man and to be precise, every women. In men, the region where regional fat deposition is the most intense, unfortunately, is the abdominal region. Even a healthy diet and regular exercise may not be enough for the abdominal muscles to become more prominent. Failure to achieve the goal causes negative thoughts about healthy nutrition and sports to reveal, and the person chooses clothes that will hide the belly area and move further from the goal. In fact, it is possible to achieve dreams in a short time with Six Pack aesthetics, which can be expressed as abdominal aesthetics or a slab abdominal aesthetic. Nevertheless, I need to underline that you have to be at or close to your ideal weight before having this aesthetic. In other words, even achieving dreams requires dedication to some extent!


How is Six Pack Aesthetics Planned?

Six Pack aesthetics is performed by planning personally as in all other aesthetic operations. Because the physical condition of the person, muscle structure and the amount of regional fat are determinant in how the operation will be performed. Since we perform the operation under general anesthesia, we inform our patients what should be considered before the operation. In the pre-operation controls, we perform the operation if there is no problem in the general health of the person. According to the planning we have made, the operation takes approximately 2-4 hours. Gynecomastia surgery can also be performed in combination with Six Pack aesthetics in men, or it is possible to obtain a more muscular appearance by injecting the fat taken from the abdominal area into the arm, shoulder and chest area. When we include such applications in the operation, changes can occur in the duration of surgery. Our goal is always to achieve more perfection, and in this direction, we provide detailed information to all our patients regarding both combined operation alternatives and the post-operative process.


How Is Six Pack Aesthetics Performed?

Six Pack aesthetics are basically performed with Hi-Def Liposuction application, which we commonly use to intervene in regional fat deposition. This method, which we also call 4D body shaping, should not be considered as a weight loss application. In Hi-Def Liposuction application, fat tissues are broken down by giving ultrasound waves to the region of fat deposition. Afterwards, the fat tissues that become liquid as a result of the breakdown are removed from the body by means of vibrating cannulas. In this technique, the rate of formation of deformation in the region is very low due to the breakdown of fat tissue. In the technique, to prefer vibrating cannulas used in the PAL method during the removal of fat tissue helps to create a flatter appearance in the area after the operation. It is also possible to obtain a more muscular and structured appearance by injecting the fat tissues taken with Six Pack aesthetics to the chest, arm and shoulder area after special procedures.


Recovery Process for People Who Had Six Pack Aesthetics

In Hi-Def Liposuction, we use Vaser (Ultrasonic Liposuction) and PAL (Powerassited Liposuction) methods together to prevent irregular appearance in the area after the operation and to accelerate the recovery period. In this way, the muscle and connective tissues in the area are damaged much less than normal and a serious reduction is provided in the bruises that may occur after the operation. Our recommendations after the operation change according to the application made. The use of corsets is one of the suggestions we made after this operation. We also recommend that one should avoid heavy movements until full recovery is achieved in the area.


When Will The Results of The Application Begin To Be Seen

One of the most beautiful aspects of having Six Pack aesthetics is that the healing process is short and the effects become apparent in a short time. Although swelling and edema occur in the area for a short time after the operation, the desired appearance is achieved with their disappearance. It is inevitable that you will have the appearance of your dreams approximately 1-1.5 months after the operation. However, healthy nutrition and sports are very important for the permanent effects of this operation. With a decision you will make in the first month of the new year, you can both have the muscular body you want and step into a healthy life to maintain this appearance.

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