Brazillian Butt Lift (BBL)

With today’s changing body and beauty perceptions, women now want to have thinner waist and wider and rounded hips. The iconic characters, especially on social media platforms, enable this perception and desire to become strong.


The fat injection to the butt does not only involve the growth of the butt by injecting the fat, but also provides thinning in the areas where the fat is taken. Considering the body of the patient as a whole, we should not forget that the way making the butt wider is through thinning the waist. For this purpose, by the liposuction performed to the abdomen, love handles, the upper and lower parts of the back, these regions are thinned and the place where butt leaves from the waist is made apparent and the ideal butt-waist transition is provided. I use combination of Vaser (ultrasonic liposuction) and PAL (power assisted liposuction) methods in order to provide a better contouring in the liposuction process.


The liposuction fats are processed and transform into pure fatty tissue. These fats are injected under the skin and deep tissues, equal to both butt halves. During this injection, not to inject to muscle structures in the hip is important in terms of surgical safety. About 40% of fat injected into the butt is absorbed by the body. About 60% remain in the area of injection for a lifetime. For this reason, an amount of excess fat is injected taking into account the amount to be absorbed.



After the injection of fat to the butt, patients should not lie on their back for 3 weeks and they should use special pillows which we call BBL cushion. We ask our patients to use the corsets we put on her after surgery for 6 weeks. In order to get more rounded and smooth hips after the injections made to butt, we recommend that patients massage their hips with body oil for up to 3 weeks.


After this operation which was performed under general anesthesia and takes for about 3 hours, we host our patients for 2 nights in the hospital. We remove the compressure dressings we made 3 days later the operation and we dress new corsets to our patients. Patients can return to normal life in about 10 days. In particular, our patients who are engaged in sports should not perform squat movements and similar hip movements for about 3 weeks. After 3 weeks, our patient can start to return to normal sports activities, and after 6 weeks she can do her exercises without any restriction.


The Brazilian butt lift is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. It makes it possible to achieve a 100% natural increase in the buttocks, but also to obtain a facelift of the buttocks without any additional scars. Combined with a complete liposuction, the body curves are thus completely redesigned in a more harmonious way (S-curve). The advantage is the complete absence of foreign matter.


The shape and proportion of the buttocks are important factors in an attractive, well-proportioned body. Recently, fashion stylists had a major impact on promoting large and tight buttocks. This kind of shape and proportion is common among Latin American women and nowadays it is becoming popular all around the world. For this reason, this procedure is named as Brazilian Butt.


What kind of body shape is favorable for Brazilian butt lift?


There are two important aspects about the body shape. First, an ideal candidate is slim in the waist region. When the waist region is slim, the butt looks larger and contoured even though no procedure is applied. Having a Brazilian butt lift procedure helps the buttocks look remarkably natural by either fat injections or butt implants.


Who is an ideal candidate for a Brazilian butt lift surgery?



An ideal candidate for a Brazilian butt lift is over 18 and has an optimal body mass ratio index.


What kind of techniques are used in Brazilian butt lift surgeries?


There are two stages for this surgery. The first stage consists of slimming the abdomen and waist areas so that they will have a fit and contoured look. This stage is also significant for picking up the fatty tissues to be injected in the buttocks. If there are sufficient fat stores, the processed fat can be injected into the specific areas of the buttocks to create a more rounded and full look. Unless there are sufficient fatty tissues, butt implants are used. It is also favorable for some patients to use both fat injections and butt implants. Thus, the buttocks will have remarkably natural appearance.


Should I have liposuction in Brazilian butt lift?


If the size of buttocks will be enhanced by fat injections, you must have liposuction. During this surgery, liposuction will help get thinner and provide sources for fat injections. If the patient is skinny, it is nonsense to have liposuction. In this case, only butt implant is used for the surgery.



Where do you take fat from for Brazilian butt lift?


Excess fat is harvested from other areas of the body including the abdomen, hips, lower back and thighs through liposuction. Though less often, it is taken from the arms and legs as well.


Which areas of the buttocks do you inject fat stores?


The processed fat is injected between subdermal and muscle tissues. It is never recommended to inject fat stores inside the muscles because it may cause fat embolism which refers to the damage of gluteal blood vessels, allowing fat to enter the bloodstream.


What is Safe BBL?


Safe BBL refers to the butt enhancement surgery grafting fat between subdermal and muscles in the buttock cheeks. There will be no risk of fat embolism under these conditions.


Why do you use butt implants in Brazilian butt lift?


If the patient does not have sufficient fat stores, we should use butt implants. If the patient has a certain amount of fat but prefers to have larger and contoured butts, both butt implants and fat injections can be used.


What are the types of butt implants?


Butt implants are available in two types: elliptical and round. Elliptical butt implants are used for patients who have long legs and thighs. Round butt implants can be used for patients of middle height.


How long does the effect of fat injection last in Brazilian butt lift surgeries?


40% or 50% of fat injections are absorbed by the body. For this reason, more fat than necessary is grafted. The remaining fat is lifelong permanent.


What should I do during Brazilian butt lift recovery process?


Because fat is transferred in the buttocks, you should sleep on your face for around 3 weeks to protect the butt from pressure. Placing too much pressure on the graft can cause you to lose volume because the cells will die more rapidly. After 3 weeks, you may sleep on your back as well. It is recommended to give massage on your buttocks so that the fat injections will spread homogeneously. You should also use BBL pillows so that you may sit comfortably. These pillows help protect the fat injections. Also, it is recommended to drive a car in the first two weeks after the surgery.


Do I have more intense pain if butt implant is used during Brazilian butt lift surgery?


The pain after butt implants will be relatively more intense than fat transfer. This is because the butt implant is placed among the butt muscles. Thus, you will feel severe muscle pain after the surgery. However, butt implants are more permanent than fat injections. Fat injections do not uplift the butts while butt implants lift the buttocks. For this reason, when the skin is less elastic on the buttocks, we aim to lift up the buttocks by butt implants as well as to increase the volume of the buttocks by fat injections.


Should I wear a compression garment after Brazilian butt lift surgery?


Because this surgery is combined with liposuction, it is recommended to wear a compression garment for around 6 weeks. The main purpose of wearing a compression garment is to help reduce swelling. Also, wearing a compression garment helps shape the final result of liposuction as well as wrap up the excess skin.


How long after the surgery can I get back to daily life?


It takes around 2-3 weeks to continue daily life.


How long after the surgery can I workout?


You should wait for approximately 6 weeks. It is highly recommended not to make any moves which will cause pressure on the fat injections or butt implant.


What happens if I lose/gain weight after surgery?


Fat injections carry the same characteristics as other fat cells in the body. For this reason, if you gain weight after surgery, fat volume will increase and buttocks will get larger. If you lose weight after surgery, the fat volume will decrease. Thus, the butt will get smaller.

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