Breast Augmentation (Breast Implant)

The importance aesthetics of breast increases due to it is beyond an organ for women and seen as femininity symbol. Breast aesthetics is one of the most satisfactory operations in aesthetic operations. The breast place of the breast and the ideal size increase the self- confidence of female patients.


Breast tissue passes through some stages of development starting from adolescence and reaches the dimensions that should be at the end of adolescence. Due to hereditary or acquired reasons, insufficient development and changing and reduction of breast size after birth or due to weight loss request enlargement augmentation surgery.


Why do women require to increase breast size?

As a result of generally genetic reasons and lifestyle conditions, breasts may be less developed or bigger than normal. In these cases, women may be displeased with their breasts and need to change the breast size.


What age is appropriate for breast augmentation?

Development of breasts start with puberty. At the end of puberty, the breasts reach a certain size. For this reason, it is recommended to have breast augmentation surgery after 18. The main reason for this recommendation is that the breasts should reach maturity.



What are the methods of breast augmentation?

Breast implants are the most common method among breast augmentation surgeries. Using silicone breast implants provide the most accurate and reliable results in breast augmentation surgeries. Other than that, fat injection is another method used for breast augmentation. After fat injections, 50% of the fat is absorbed by the body. For this reason, it is not possible to predict the breast volume after fat injections. In this case, silicone breast implants provide more reliable results than fat injections. However, there is no certified filling material to be used in breast procedures. Even though breast implant is favorable among patients as it is a non-surgical procedure, it is not recommended to increase breast size by filling techniques.


What are the types of breast implants in breast augmentation surgeries?

The most common types of breast implants are round or shaped like a teardrop. There is also another type named ergonomic breast implants which have been used in the recent years. Ergonomic breast implants takes a round shape when lying down, and takes the form of a teardrop when standing up.


What are the factors that affect implant choice during breast augmentation surgeries?

Breast shape, breast volume, and expectation of the patient are among the main factors which affect the implant choice. In addition to that, the method of breast augmentation surgery has an impact on implant choice. For example, if the patient has teardrop-shaped breasts before the surgery and would like to keep the same breast shape, a teardrop-shaped breast implant should be used. If the patient would like to have fullness on the upper parts of the breasts, it is recommended to use round breast implants. If the breast implants are placed under the chest muscles, it is more safe to use round breast implants. This is because the breast implant does not turn upside down due to muscle movements. Even if a very small teardrop-shaped breast implant is placed under the breast muscles, there is always the possibility of defect.



Where should the breast implants be placed during breast augmentation surgeries?

During breast augmentation surgeries, breast implants are never placed in the breast tissues. Breast implants can be placed in three areas; under the breast tissues, sarcolemma of the chest muscles or pectoralis major chest muscle. The sarcolemma of the muscle is also called fascia. So, in case a breast implant is placed under fascia, it means that it is placed under the sarcolemma.


How can I choose the best placement of breast implants?

In order to have a natural and enhanced look and feel in breast augmentation surgeries, it is required to cover the breast implants with soft tissues. If the patient has sufficient soft tissues, it is recommended to place the breast implants under the breast tissues or sarcolemma of the chest muscles. Unless the patient has sufficient soft tissues, it is recommended to place the breast implants under the chest muscles. In this case, dual plane technique is preferred. In this technique, the surgeon will dissect a ‘pocket’ under the pectoral muscle, lifting the muscle off the chest wall and making space for the implant. The surgeon will also detach a portion of where the breast tissue connects to the top of the muscle, leaving a dissection on two planes: above the muscle, and below the muscle. The purpose of this dual dissection is to detach part of the muscle from the overlying breast tissue, so the breast implant and muscles can relax into a natural shape without holding it to the position of the upper breast tissue, areola/nipple and skin.


How can I choose the right volume of breast implants?

The first and most significant parameter to choose the right volume of the breast implant is the diameter of the breasts. Thus, it is possible to measure the diameter of the chest area where the breasts are attached. As a result, it will give the diameter of the breast implant. Secondly, breast tissue volume before the surgery is another important parameter. Third of all, the elasticity of breast skin plays an important role to select breast implant volume. In addition to that, it is also important to take the patient’s preference into consideration.



How long does a breast augmentation surgery take?

Use of surgical drains depends on the surgery technique and the doctor’s preference. Drain placement helps prevent fluid accumulation. Also, drains are removed 2-3 days after the surgery and the patient can take a shower 2 days after drain removal.


How are breast implants placed?

There are two main areas to place the breast implants. In the most frequently used method, the implant enters through the bra line. Thus, the surgical scar is visible only on the bra line after the surgery. The other methods include placement under the armpits or on the nipples.


Do I need a surgical dressing after breast augmentation?

The patients do not require wound dressings after the surgery as the sterilization tapes which are applied on the incision lines help recovery. The patient may take a shower 2 days after the surgery by using the sterilized tapes. The patient should keep the sterilization tapes for 3 weeks. After the sterilized tapes are removed, silicone creams or silicone tapes are applied to help make the incision lines less visible.


How long should I wear a sports bra after breast augmentation?

We recommend the patients to wear a sports bra for 6 weeks after the surgery. Wearing a sports bra helps the breasts to reach their ultimate place with the effect of gravity. In this process, if the bra is underwired, it will prevent the breast implants from moving downwards. As a result, the new appearance of the breasts will be unnatural.


How long after breast augmentation should patients get back to normal daily life?

Patients can get back to normal daily life 10 days after the surgery. However, they should abstain from strenuous activity with their arms. They should neither do heavy lifting nor raise arms high.


How long after the surgery can patients exercise?

Two weeks after the surgery, the patients can start exercises like jogging. If they would like to include the arms, they should wait for 6 weeks for the workout.

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