Prominent Ear (Otoplasty)

The ear is a very unobtrusive organ when it is in normal shape and placement. The distinctive or prominent ear can cause visual and mental problems especially from childhood. Especially children with school-age and with prominent ear disorder may be subjected to cynical behaviors by their friends. Therefore, it is recommended to perform this operation before the children starts to school.


There are more than 200 techniques used in prominent ear surgeries in the world. These methods are mainly divided into sutured methods and methods related to cartilage cutting. We use sutured methods because these are reversible in our patients and do not damage the cartilage structure.



Prominent ear surgery is performed under general anesthesia in childhood and can be performed under local anesthesia in adult age. About 2 hours after this operation, we recommend that our patients use the band for 24 hours in first 3 weeks. Within 10 days, the swelling of the ear is completely recovered, and our patients can return to normal work and daily life after 10 days.


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